Sunday, March 18, 2018

Toy Review and Video: Shark Bite Family Fun Game by Pressman Toys

We played this super fun game called Shark Bite by Pressman Toys today.  

Shark Bite is the perfect game for pre-schoolers, and parents! The object of the game is to fish as many fish as you can before the shark takes a bite out of your fishing pole! There are colorful aquatic friends that must be caught before the shark snaps his mouth shut! 

As a mom, I simply love this game for the mere fact that no batteries are necessary! Simply remove the items from the box, place some stickers on your game, and set up is complete. The snapping of the shark’s “bite” is comical, and my son and I both got a kick out it. We spiced up our first official game with a prize and a challenge. 

The game comes with a comically ferocious snapping shark, two fishing rods, and an array of colorful aquatic creatures that must be rescued. The fishing rods are small and will help fine tune your little one’s fine motor skills. My son was cheating a bit - he is still learning how to be a good winner and a gracious loser. It’s tough at this tender age of four!

Shark Bite is a great game, and kept my kiddo engaged. For the inexpensive retail price of $12, you really cannot go wrong! This is the perfect gift for the pre-schooler in your life as it is for ages four and up. 

All I can say is that for this game we are totally hooked! 

Come on, you knew a pun was coming. 

A huge thank you to Pressman Toys and Goliath Games for sending us loads of games to play with and review! 

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