Review and Video: New! Series 2 Slither Mini Mystery Squishies! Build-a-Slither Blind Bags and more!

Bonkers Toys is synonymous with producing high quality, fun, and trendy toys that bring the digital world to life! With their amazing team of innovators and toy enthusiasts they have turned a slithery world into a full hands on experience! The toys are just so much fun! 

We were so lucky to unbox the new Series 2 Slither Minis, which are totally squishy and so well made! I just love them!! We also have the new Series 1 Build-a-Slither blind bag, which originally came in a surprise 4-pack! 

With the upcoming Ryan’s World toys featuring mini mogul, Ryan, from Ryan’s ToysReview line of toys, Bonkers will be on the map even more! This new line features putty, slime, dinosaurs that roar, and collectible figures, so now your little one can display their favorite YouTube star on their shelves! I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan and his, and they were really nice! We actually met in the bathroom at NY Toy Fair, which is just so weird, but they were cool! 

Even more exciting are the MANIAPPS figures coming out featuring your favorite mobile device games now figural form. I love that they even have Talking Tom Cat! I know a little boy who will be super excited to see his favorite talking back kitty in figural form - Mr. M-Tubey himself! You can also see other digital games come alive within their lines - toys like these are so important for the gaming community! Not only does it enhance the gaming experience, but you also have a memory immortalizing your game play. I would love if I could have The Sims figures - like a throwback to the Goth and Newbie families from the very first, original The Sims. 

In our YouTube video, we have three Slither Minis Series 2 hexagonal toy surprises featuring super squishy, and super slithery friends! We also have our Build-a-Slither Bling Bag Series 1! There are 15 Build-a-Slither to collect in all! You can build your own slither with the eight pieces provided. Then if you want to build more, you can get now pick up your own Build-a-Slither mega pack! 

I appreciate Bonkers Toys overall quality, and sincere passion for their product! They are really such talented and great people! I look forward to seeing more lines of products by them!

Let us know who is your favorite in the comments below!


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