Video and Product Review: MorfBoard Unboxing and Kids Review! Skate and Scoot! Prize from The Toy ...

We won a give way on Twitter from The Toy Insider that was sponsored by Jakks Pacific! The prize was the latest innovation by Jakks Pacific, the MorfBoard! What an awesome prize!! I watched the MorfBoard in action at New York Toy Fair 2018, and was so impressed! My skateboarding skills are less than zero, and I have never even used a scooter; I was a reader as a kid - not very active at all. However, once I started using the MorfBoard, I immediately felt I missed out on a lot, because scooting with the MorfBoard is so much fun! 

The MORF board is so easy to put together! Once unboxed, you’ll be skating in less than three minutes, and scooting in less than five minutes! Honestly, it’s that simple!

To install the skate trucks to skate, place your skate trucks on to the deck and rotate each skate truck 90 degrees until you hear a click. Now, the skate trucks have to line up; it really reminds me of cams from IKEA! No joke! The skate trucks fit so snugly! There’s no adjusting needed, you just place, turn, click, and go! To unlock your skate trucks, pull the triangle button towards you, and as you’re pulling, turn each skate truck 90 degrees to screw them off. Done!

Go from skate to scoot in minutes. To transform your MorfBoard, you’ll need to add the rear and front scoot trucks, and the handle bar. Just like the skate trucks, the scoot trucks get installed by placing, turning them 90 degrees, and clicking the scoot trucks into place. Install your handle bar in the top of the front scoot truck (top of the MorfBoard). You can adjust your handle bar to conform to you or your kiddo’s height. To adjust the handle bar, unlock the pull tab, adjust the bar, and lock it back into place. If your pull tab lock is locked, and your handle bar still goes down, do not us it. Contact Customer Service. Otherwise, you’re good to go!

You can transform your MorfBoard in minutes or less! You are able to take your bouncing and balancing to the next level with the MorfBoard’s additional accessories, sold separately. Bounce with the two super bounce ball attachments, or enhance your balance with the balance roller and safety end blocks. The additional accessories allow you to use your MorfBoard indoors! Hopefully soon more accessories will be introduced, as well as more colors! I love the bright neon green, and know more colors would look even more cool! I think adding some fun decals or stickers too really will help personalized your MorfBoard. 

I really think the balance accessory is great for kids! It’s a controlled activity because it’s indoors, and they’re working on their coordination. Balance and coordination is such an important skill, and with the heightened in technology a lot children are not really moving and strengthening these skills. 

We had some fun with the MORFBOARD out of the box, and scooted and skated! We’re not Tony Hawk for crying out loud, but if you practice enough, you may get as good as him! 

The MorfBoard is for ages eight and up, and retails for $99.99. The additional accessories are $39.99 each. 

Do you have a MorfBoard? Which color and/or accessories you would like to see in the next line of MorfBoards? Let us know in the comments below!

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