Video and Toy Review: Smashers by Zuru Toys 8-packs, 3-packs, single packs!

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, we have these super cool sports themed toys to review called Smashers by ZURU! 

Zuru sent us some new Smashers to review! We got an 8-pack, a 3-pack, and a single pack! Each set includes smasher balls to smash, and inside each smasher you will find a collectible figure featuring popular sports references with a comical twist like a broken football helmet with its brains sticking out, a too cool for school soccer ball with shades, a radical skateboard and more! 

Smashers will be available in US stores like Target, Toys R Us, Amazon, and other major retail stores on March 1, 2018. The 1-pack is $2.99, 3-pack Smashers are $4.99, 8-pack Smashers are $9.99. There is also a Smashers tin, which includes a limited edition Smasher in either a Football (soccer) or Basketball variation for $7.99. The Smashers team bus is $19.99, which also comes in Football (soccer) and Basketball variations. 

For the overseas versions, each pack represents a sport - Rugby (football), Football (soccer), and Basketball packs. There are also tour buses available for each sport, so your star players can arrive to their meets in style! You can also buy a collectible tin featuring super rare smashers!

Smashers will be available for sale in the US and Canada in March 2018. However, a few insta friends have located some Smashers at Walmarts across Canada. 

Will you smash them all? With over 100 smashers to collect, kids will have so much fun smashing each ball to see what cool surprise is inside! The fun doesn’t stop there! Each smasher figure has its own point value, and the more smashers you collect, and the rarer they are the higher your points will be! Collect and trade with friends, and learn the power of sportsmanship with these super cool smashers! 

There’s more! You can go to, or download their handy Smashers app to keep track of your figures, and play cool games!

Smashers can also be found on their YouTube channel where they feature their super fun cartoon starring your favorite Smashers sports figures!

M-Tubey had a such a blast smashing the Smashers! We can’t wait to smash them all! Retail information on these products to follow soon!

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