Friday, February 16, 2018

Video and Toy Review: 5 Surprise by Zuru - Mystery Slices of Toy Goodness!

Say good bye to the days of getting duplicate toys, because 5 Surprise has arrived! Blind bags, blind boxes, blind balls, blind slices of toy goodness? Yes, slices or segments, if you will. Segments of fun, and five to be exact. 5 Surprise by those geniuses over at Zuru toys have taken surprise toys to the next level! They took a simple ball, and decided to slice out five segments, fill each one with a novelty toy with over 150 toys to collect in all! The best part is that every four to six months the 5 Surprise toy surprises will change! The possibilities are endless - from fun, shaped rubber bands to adorn your wrists or decorate your hair, super squishy putty, rubbery stretchy toys, cars that zoom, stationery stamps, highlighters, and more! 

Available March 1, 2018 at Walmart, Toys R Us, and other major retailers nationwide, you can find these unboxing fulfilling capsules of fun for $4.99! For less than $1 per surprise, it's a great deal. 

Zuru was kind of enough to send us two balls - one pink and one blue. The pink one featured little toys like a colorful vanilla ice cream charm and chain, a mermaid, and some more goodies! The blue ball featured iridescent putty, dinosaur shaped rubber bands, and more! Check out the unboxing video on our YouTube channel

With the craze of LOL Surprise Dolls, 5 Surprise has come at the right time! Kids can’t just have one toy to open now. The mystery toys have to eat up more time, so 5 Surprise is a cost effective, well made, and fun alternative! I also must mention that these are not little junky toys packed inside a segment of plastic - you unwrap a very sturdy, plastic ball, pull back a tap to reveal the segments, then peel away each segment revealing a very well made and functional toy! As a mom who buys more surprise toy capsules per week than eggs (chicken eggs, not kinder!), I am grateful for a surprise toy that involves some work. 

5 Surprise are for ages three and up. This product contains small parts and is not suitable for babies! Watch your littles, folks! I am happy to find that Zuru conforms to all ASTM and CPSC standards!I love Zuru! Also, the actual size of the 5 Surprise ball is about the same size of a LOL Pets Surprise ball. 

If you’re searching for these on brick seek or zoolert in the future, here’s some information: It looks like they will be sold in 2-packs over at BJ’s. 
Zuru 5 Surprise, 2 pk.
Item: 113976 | Model: 7709Q-S001 

2-pack found on

ToyWiz already has a preorder for them for $8.99. 
Product Code:#7703Q-S004/UPC Code:8-45218-01996-9/24 units per case

My final thoughts: I would like to see for series 2, colorful capsules - possibly a metallic ball, or even multicolored segments. Otherwise, as a mom, I am happy with the product and am incredibly happy with the price! Also, if you’re having a birthday party, you can even part out a 5 Surprise segment to put in a goody bag! That’s a nice cost saving tip right there for ya - for free! No need to thank me!

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