New York Toy Fair 2018 - Zuru Toys X-Shot, Smashers Series 2, Shnooks, and more!

The Zuru booth at NY Toy Fair 2018 was awesome! Zuru is known for high quality, innovative toys that get kids to get up, get outside, and play! From smashing their surprise toys open to developing keen hand eye coordination when attacking flying bugs, Zuru is there to make sure your kiddos are out and about. 

Zuru’s X-Shot -  Oh no! There are bugs flying in the sky, and the only weapon to bring them down is Zuru’s X-Shot! Blast down the flying bugs skeet style, by pressing the button with your foot and that releases the bug. Knock out the bugs with your newly designed XShot blaster with rapid release. The X-Shot Single Pack includes one blaster, one launcher, two flying bugs, and 12  darts for a very reasonable $19.99. Double the fun, and play with your friend with the double pack for $29.99 and that includes two blasters, a launcher, three flyings and 24 darts. Zuru’s X-Shot will be available July 2018, and for ages eight and up!

Tube Superstar makes becoming a content creator super easy! With prompts to create three types of videos modes. Challenge Mode is great to create Smashers videos! Demo mode will allow you to make your own how to videos! Performance mode is great for the aspiring musical entertainer! Editing is easy with QR codes that will prompt your little creator to add special features, filters, special effects, and fun sounds! Don’t worry, your kiddo won’t be able to upload to social media without your permission. Available this summer 2018, so the kids will be YouTube stars before school begins! Recommended for ages six and up at $24.99. This toy is going to be a hit for sure!

New robotic pets are coming to the Robo Alive line! A creepy black spider joins the Robo Alive family, and if he’s anything like the other robo pets, you’ll be able to scare your arachnophobic friends with ease. At a great price point of $14.99, your little one ages four and up will enjoy this creepy bug this fall 2018! Dinosaurs are definitely a hot ticket item this year, so a robotic T-Rex is definitely going to be a hit with the kiddos. The Robotic Attacking T-Rex will run fast, roar, and chomp, but he still has short arms, though! At just $14.99, your dino-fan will have a roar-some time!

Bunch O Balloons is a staple at all of our summer parties. Marcello’s birthday is in August, and we have always used Bunch O Balloons at our parties. It keeps the kids cool, and we all have fun having a good old water balloon fight. The best part is the filling of the balloons, if you’ve never used Bunch O Balloons, the balloons literally fill a bunch at a time. Do not buy fakes! You will be disappointed. Not only does Bunch O Balloons come in a variety of colors, you can find them with Minions on them. New for summer, you will find Avengers Infinity War characters on Marvel theme balloons. 

We loved Mayka toy block tape, because it made stop motion with our Lego mini figures so easy! In addition to the rainbow of colors already on the market, Zuru is releasing glow in the dark Mayka toy block tape. According to my tour guide, a lot of people though the glow in the dark tape was great to work with Star Wars mini figures, and I could not agree more. Road tape is also coming out, and this is necessary for our family! Now your streets will come to life with black top and lined Mayka toy block tape. There is also a Mayka toy block mat coming out this fall! The Mayka Glow in the Dark toy block tape comes in two meters at $9.99. The Mayka Road Tape is $12.99 and 1.2 meters long. Both will be available for fall. I will have more information about the mat soon, but it will be released in green and gray. 

We unboxed 5 Surprise balls on our channel before. Now your little unboxer will have five segments of surprises. There are over 300 different toys for this line, so the chance to get a duplicate is really small! As parents, this is a great toy! I personally think the toys inside are very high quality. They are not junky little toys; they are well made charms, figures, putty, slime, and more! 

Shnooks are new the US, and series one proved to be so super cute! I love how I can style their hair, and my son loves cute plush dolls. For Shnooks Series 2, now your Shnook will not only look adorable, it will have a sweet scent too! 

Finally, Smashers was such a hit with us! Now, check out Smashers Series 2! Smashers Series 2 goes down the route of being totally gross, and totally acceptable by any four and up! Smashers Series 2 will hit stores this fall! 

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