New York Toy Fair 2018 - Video Sneak Peek in Redwood Ventures Booth - Color Change Smooshy Mushy Squishies

The Redwood Ventures booth at NY Toy Fair 2018 appeased four of my five senses! From squishies to holographic friends to frozen delights that smelled so yummy and delicious, by the time my tour was over, I was in a giddy mood and was totally hungry for cake and ice cream. In our sneak peek video are the color change Smooshy Mushy, more squishy Smooshy Mushy, and my favorite SeeMeez: new virtual pets for your iPhone or iPad. 

There were so many squishy and smooshy delights in this booth that I wanted to squish everything! There are so many new additions to the Smooshy Mushy family it is seriously hard to keep up. I think I am off with the series numbers as Series 2 was Do-Dat Donuts, and Yolo Froyo may be series 3, so if I am, I apologize. Keep in mind all of this information could change. Check out release dates and some close-ups below! 

Check out that color change! I couldn't believe how squishy this Smooshy Mushy pet was after being frozen for so long! The color change is perfection!

Yolo Froyo March 2018 release - packaged as frozen delights, and are color change! Freeze your squishy Smooshy Mushy for two minutes, and you will get the most satisfying example of cold color change ever. Don’t worry Smooshy Mushy squad, your Smooshy Mushy are just as squishy when frozen. The Smooshy Mushy that I tested on my tour actually was in the freezer for several hours, and it still maintained its squish and its scent! The color change is perfection. Four new color changing pets will be chill additions to add to your growing slow rise squishy collection!

Yolo Froyo also will include a really fun play set featuring Sunny Side Cafe, where all of the Smooshy Mushy besties wreak havoc! You will also be able to get a Collector’s Fridge where you will be able to keep your Smooshy Mushy “fresh,” but make sure you keep that door closed, or they may run away! Just kidding! They won’t run away from you! You can store a lot of your squishies in there, though, and the style of the refrigerator is very cool and retro!

Smooshy Mushy 2.5 - This is series 2 with totally different colors - same adorable characters and story, but with limited edition colors. Series 2.5 will only be in stores for one month, so this is a very limited release!

Series 2.5 - same cute colors, new limited edition colors. These will only be on the shelves for one month!
Smooshy Mushy Series 3 - May 2018 -Creamery - Ice cream cone containers filled with Smooshy Mushy, and their bestie! There are eight new pets to collect in all -- just in time to help you treat the summer heat! $9.99 each

Series 3 - Creamery - Notice the new Smooshy Mushy pets with all new animals!

Which series are you most looking forward to? Yolo Froyo is hands down the coolest - pardon the pun!

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