New York Toy Fair 2018 - Video Sneak Peek! Shopkins Season 10 Up Close Footage and Photos in Moose Toys Booth!

The Moose Toys booth at New York Toy Fair 2018 was chock full of innovative toys, and older toys that this late 80's/90's kid remembers! My tour guide was super sweet, but she was 11 years younger than me, so she couldn't relate to my absolute love of some of the products that I was being showed. I must have seemed like a real weirdo! Anyway, here is one of many blog posts of what I found at Moose! Shopkins Season 10 has to open up this series, because this series is just TOO GOOD. Honestly, it's that good! 

Season 10 Shopkins will be released this fall. There are over 80 to collect this series, but there is a slight twist! Each shopkin comes in a coordinating container that must be kept! Tiny toys this toy season are where its at for sure! Each tiny container is reminiscent of a play kitchen's grocery bag contents. Inside each container is a thoughtfully designed Shopkin with a metallic stamp on the back in either bronze, silver, or gold, which will signify the Shopkin's rarity. There are also new Shoppies pictured below. 

Also, there will be Shopkins throwbacks in this season, and you're going to be reunited with some old friends like Poppy Corn, Cheeky Chocolate, and Cooky Cookie just to name a few! I think that is such a nice touch, because other kids new to collecting Shopkins will get to experience all of the goodness that was season one and beyond! Enough of my blabbing! Check out the photos below, and click on the video for a full tour of the private Shopkins Season 10 booth at Moose! Please help us out, and share this page and our video so everyone can see up close, crisp photos of the coolest Shopkins season to date!

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