New York Toy Fair 2018 - Sneak Peak of Zuru Smashers Series 2 Surprise Toys! Things are getting gross, and we like it!

Zuru is the fastest growing toy company with their classic Bunch o Balloons, RoboAlive, X-Shot, our favorite squishy Tsum Tsum, and more! The Zuru booth at New York Toy Fair 2018 was full of old and new, they upped the ante with the new RoboAlive robotic pets, added a yummy scent to their widely popular Shnooks, and without saying too much, will be introducing new lines to cater to kids' building needs and a parents' storage woes. You've gotta love Zuru for that - they care about their customer and they actually care about that product after it leaves the store shelf. 

Earlier this year, they also introduced a new line of surprise toys called Smashers! We were fortunate to unbox a few on our YouTube channel! Series 1 was released with a smash! Series 2 will be hitting stores later this year! Smashers Series 1 included a playful sports theme rolling out with collectible tins, and play sets. Smashers Series 2 get a little more gross, and we could not be happier!

For starters, the capsule that you smash is a bloodshot eyeball! Once you smash the eyeball, your gross toy surprise will fly out! The toy surprise is on the theme of gross, toilet humor in a fun kid-friendly way! Who doesn't love to talk about farts and poop? Along with the release of the Smasher Series 2 eyeballs, there will be a fun interactive game to go along with your Smashers where one player will try their best to launch their smasher in the toilet! Your gross Smashers can also tour the continent to spread their grossness in their own Sludge Bus! You also can purchase a collectible Smashers Series 2 tin which most likely will include a limited edition Smasher, and your tin will also double as a cozy place for your gross surprises to rest. 

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