New York Toy Fair 2018 - Video Sneak Peak in the Maya Toys Booth! Orbeez Surprise Globe, Frying Donut Game, Cutie Stix,

New York Toy Fair was a buzz for new toys, especially the tactile favorites like Orbeez. Maya Toys are the brains behind the wonderfully sensory enhancing world of Orbeez, and all things crafty and fun! There was a bunch of fun and exciting toys that will be released in spring 2018, and later this year! Take a peek below, and please also check out our video tour of the booth where you get a better idea of how a lot of these amazing products by Maya Toys work!

I know Orbeez too well. My wonderful, amazing nephew has sensory processing disorder, and playing with Orbeez really fulfills his need to touch, squeeze, and squish. He also loves to open surprise toys! Now, with the redesigned Orbeez bottles, you get a colorful cap with a fun surprise under the cap, and when you pour out your Orbeez, a picture is revealed inside the bottle! I know he's going to drive my sister mad for these!

Who does not love the Orbeez foot spa?! Now, give your hands a break with the new Orbeez hand spa and a reimagined foot spa! My hands would love some much need R&R after a long day of taking care of an active pre-schooler, and an even more curious six month old baby! For $19.99. the hand spa is more than half the size of the foot spa (yes, different appendage, same idea!), and will soothe away your daily troubles and will fulfill your every sensory whim! Orbeez will also be introducing more softer colors like pastels to really calm the mood for that ultimate spa day! 

They have also reimagined the foot spa, it looks more bubbly, it has the same soothing and euphoric mechanics, but now it is hot pink and coordinates beautifully with the hand spa. You also get a bonus of toe separators, decals, and nail polish! The foot spa is the cost of a nice pedicure or two at $34.99, which is a great price point for a gift for yourself or your Orbeez lovin' little one!

This next bit is extremely exciting! We love Orbeez, we love surprise toys - well they love each other, too, and they made a beautiful baby called Orbeez Wow World Surprise. Step inside the world of these sweet, mythical creatures where each figure has its own story. Each story unfolds within the realm of  Orbeez World for each character - there is a chance to get a common character or a limited edition character - an idea of some characters and their stories can be see in the photo below. The figures are colorful, and the whole idea is a lot of fun, because they each have their own unique story. Coming August 2018 at $4.99, these surprise globes will be the talk of the town when school starts! 

Each globe comes wrapped in a fun and colorful plastic, and once unwrapped you will find a clear globe filled with clear Orbeez! All you need to is take off the top for the spout, and slowly fill it with water to reveal your new little mystical friend. You can choose to remove your clear Orbeez, and use the globe as a unique stand for your new friend. Or you can continue the surprise wow factor again and again! 

Just in time for the holidays, series 2 will hit stores with an arctic theme called, Polar Magic. The release date is slated for the end of the 2018, and will possibly be the same price point as series one.

Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station - released August 2017

Cutie Stix was a surprise for me in the Maya Toys booth! I loved making jewelry and crafting when I was younger, so these really should have been on my radar! If you're not familiar with Cutie Stix, they are a fun and customizable line of toys that will give your little crafter the feeling of creating something from start to finish. Originally you needed the Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station to create, but Maya Toys has made the process a bit easier. The Cut and Create Station included a cutter, cutie stix, thread, and more. Now the process is a bit faster and you won't need the Cutie Stix charm maker if you want to just create on the go. Instead of cutting, each charm stick is already perforated, so so you can pull apart and create! You will also get enough to make one for a friend! These will actually be released on Friendship Day, August 5! 

Cutie Stix Blind Bags - make one for you and a friend! Release date on Friendship Day!

Maya Toys has also introduced the Cutie Collectible Bracelets, which is a blind bag that will include everything that you would need to create your own bracelet! You won't even need the cutter, because each cutie stick is already pre-cut into easy to pull apart segments. For the enthusiastic crafter, Maya Toys also introduced at NY Toy Fair the Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker, which is a cutter and includes everything you will need to create necklaces, bracelets, and more! There are also refill packs that can be purchased with three new styles to choose from --  Furry Pals, Tropical Days, and Furry Cuties! 

I wish I got a better shot of the jewelry maker! See our video for a better look!
Finally, Maya Toys also debuted two new, fun and exciting toys for your little ones! The Frying Flying Donut game, and Monkey Trix! The Frying Flying Donut game will be a blast for pre-schoolers, I know my son already wants to play with it! The object of the game is to be the first player to get their donut into the fryer. You have to use your fine motor skills, and cat like reflexes to get the donut on to the fryer stick. It is for ages four and up, and will be $19.99 with an August release date. Monkey Trix is a head to head game where you have to build your blocks just like the card that is pulled, but you have to use monkey hands to do it! This game will home your little one's fine motor skills! To make the game a bit harder, test their memory by giving them the opportunity to look at the card one time. 

I really loved the Maya Toys booth. Not one item required the use of an ipad or other mobile device. They really have created a line of toys that supports education and creativity! As a mom, I love that!

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