Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New York Toy Fair 2018 - SeeMeez Virtual Friends - Coolest Toy for Any Tech Lover!

New York Toy Fair 2018 included a lot of toys that relied upon their player to get up and go, or brought more families together to gather around a board game - there was one "toy," however, that has struck a chord with me. In so much that I simply cannot stop thinking about it! The Redwood Ventures booth, the geniuses behind the widely popular Smooshy Mushy squishies, have introduced the coolest, the hippest, the most fun and thought provoking toy this toy season, SeeMeez. Not only do you get the element of surprise in a blind pack, but your SeeMeez virtual figure works like a modern day tamagotchi (nurture, love, care, clean up, feed, etc.). The best part, which could not be showed to me at the time of my tour - you can turn yourself into a virtual character, and send a holographic video message to your friends! 

The image mirrors itself off of the triangle prism piece, and bounces the light to create a holographic image.

The graphics, if you will, were not cheesy at all! It really looks like there is a little character just hanging out outside of your phone screen! The cool part is that you can purchase one of two sizes - each size will fit either to your mobile phone or your tablet or ipad screen. Using the SeeMeez app, you will unlock your surprise, and you will be able to share with a friend! Technically, you get two SeeMeez characters for the price of one, but the fun is in the sharing part. You and your friend will be swapping holographic videos for hours. To clarify, you get a flattened prism piece that you simply will assemble, a black backer board that acts as a square tent around your phone to block out any light, and access to the app. This app is not a free-mium app, which means you have to buy digital items along the way. You just buy your SeeMeez, and that is it -- the app is free and will be staying that way. 

The digital character is a cute, futuristic creature that relies on your for love! I really, really hope to see some digital poop stinking up my phone! Only time will tell. 

SeeMeez will be released August 2018, and August simply cannot come fast enough!

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