Saturday, January 13, 2018

Toy Review and Video: DreamWorks' Trolls Color Change Series 7 Blind Bags & Trolls Podular Pla...

The Dreamworks Trolls Podular Play Set made by Hasbro is for ages four and up, and features a bunch of cool things that’ll make your kid’s hair stand up! The play set comes with one troll, Princess Poppy!  If you have other Dreamworks Trolls figures, they will be able to come over and play! They can stand up easily with the pegs throughout the set, and you can easily place your troll friend on top. There are different pods that can be interchanged in the play set, so your trolls can hang out. This set is colorful, engaging, and doesn’t require any batteries, which is a huge plus! Some neat feature include a zip with a clip to clip your troll’s hair to and they can glide down in style, a tree slide, a troll sized cubby in the back of the set, and removable troll pods!

The Trolls Podular Play set retails for $29.99, and is sold by major retailers like Target. 

We also opened the new series 7 trolls blind bags! these mini figures are color change with the warmth of your embrace! Cup them in your hands for a minute and the trolls will change color-  a lighter version of themselves. There are 12 to collect in all!

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