Thursday, January 18, 2018

Rant: Dumbo needs a reboot! Ideas for a Dumbo Tsum Tsum mystery stack pack redo!

When we first started collecting Disney Tsum Tsum, the blind bags and three packs were so much easier to locate! As the Jakks Pacific and Disney got more and more creative with each wave, blind bags and packs are harder and harder to find.  There has always been one tsum tsum vinyl that has bothered me. I think about it incessantly - I harp on things way too much - but this has been on my mind for a coupe of years now (ears, even). 

Let's take a look back at Tsum Tsum Series One and discuss why we need a reboot of just one figure, the beloved elephant with big ears, Dumbo Jumbo.

Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Packs (yes, they used to be called stack packs, in case you’re new to tsum tsum vinyl collecting), was pretty tight - there is the super hard to find  Dale with his acorns, Minnie Mouse with her signature polka dot bow, Stitch riding his spaceship. Winnie the Pooh relaxing [trapped] inside of a honey pot, Sebastian in a beautifully decorated shell, Marie resting in an intricate canopy bed, Buzz Lightyear in his spaceship, Figaro hanging out with Cleo on top of her fish bowl, Cheshire Cat hanging out in his tree (very clever that one), Lucky sitting atop a TV (watching Thunderbolt, I’m sure), and last, but not least, Dumbo … with a camera? What?! A camera? I understand that the camera represents the tsum tsum shorts, but these figures have morphed into Disney film icons, and Dumbo definitely needs a relaunch! 

I would love to see Dumbo inside of a circus train car, or on top of a festive round circus stand with a flag, or even Dumbo as the clown escaping the fiery building! The Dumbo and his camera is significant to the shorts on the Disney channel/Disney Junior. How about Dumbo as his iconic ride, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland? Or possibly consider, a set with Dumbo and Timothy the Mouse, and add in Mrs. Jumbo, too! Poor Dumbo!

However, I do appreciate the addition of the feature headband accessory for Dumbo in Series 9! That was a very nice touch! 

Please! Dumbo needs a reboot!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! 

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