Friday, January 19, 2018

Post: New Tsum Tsum Blind Boxes for Easter 2018! Coming soon!

Perusing my insta feed, I stumbled upon Nevaeh.sprinklesoffun’s post about the upcoming Easter Tsum Tsum vinyl figures coming out for spring! See photo below! Credit to nevaeh.sprinklesoffun and @disneytsum. 

Look how cute! There are 12 Easter themed blind boxes, similar to the ones found at Target for Christmastime. The Christmas blind boxes were $2.99. I am going to guess that the Easter Tsum Tsum blind boxes will be a bit more because it seems each Tsum Tsum has their own cutesy headband! My guess would be $3.99, which is still a great deal! 

Here’s what each Tsum Tsum looks like they are wearing. 

Daisy: white bunny
Dale: honey bee
Heimlich: blue butterfly- it looks translucent. How appropriate!
Pluto: yellow bunny
Dale: honey bee
Minnie Mouse: pink/purple butterfly 
Donald Duck: white rabbit 
Piglet: pink and blue butterfly 
Mickey Mouse: honey bee
Tigger: orange and yellow butterfly
Eeyore: white rabbit
Winnie the Pooh: honey bee 

I’m sure these will be available at Target in a month or so! Just in time for the spring thaw. 

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