Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Post: NEW Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Toys at Target!

Target has had exclusive rights to Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Toys for a full season now, and now they’re coming out with even more toys! 

Sometimes I wish that we lived across the pond just so that we could have access to buy the many amazing Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Toys available for sale. Thankfully, Target and Walmart sell Peppa Pig, because that exchange rate and shipping to the US was just too much!

Target released more “little” vehicles to their Peppa Pig line; made my Jazwares, for $11.99 you can get one figure and their vehicle in “little” form. I’ve always purchased last year the Daddy Pig and the “Little Camper Van” from Walmart. Now you can get the “Little Helicopter” with Miss Rabbit dressed as a pilot, Granddad Dog with his “Little Tow Truck,” Peppa wearing heart shaped sunglasses and the “Little Red Car”, Mr. Bull with the “Little Taxi Cab,” and Daddy pug wearing his holiday attire with the “Little Blue Car” for the Italian holiday episode, and of course, the “Little Camper Van” with Peppa is included in this collection. These are well made vehicles and they’re the perfect size for storage, and will fit two figures inside comfortably! 

If you your little piggy got the new and improved Peppa Pig home with lights and sounds for Christmas, and found that you were missing some furniture, you were right! We now have small dioramas available with two figures each, a light up piece of furniture, and an accurate play scene from the show. There are four play scenes available: Peppa and Granny Pig with the record player from the cleaning the attic episode, Daddy Pig and Peppa cooking in the kitchen with a light stove and a stack of yummy pancakes, Mummy Pig and Peppa having a movie night with a “working” telly, and finally, Peppa and Suzy playing in Peppa’s room and it comes with the toy box that the mailman had to put together, a miniature doll house, and a basket full of toys! Each scene is $9.99 and is a really great deal as you get two figures and a bunch of accessories! I really like that they added in some lights, which was a nice touch to add to your “smart” Peppa Pig home. 

In more toy news featuring our other favorite Brit show, from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, there are a few new toys that are sold exclusively at Target. 

For $19.99, you’ll be able to own your very own Magical Toadstool complete with a real, working door that has a magical surprise, figures Ben and Holly, and a frog and rabbit! From the first season, you may recall Ben was turned into a frog and Holly turned into a rabbit. What a great deal! 

Magic always leads to trouble! Be careful with Holly’s magical wand that changes expressions with the flip of your wrist. Press the button and hear magical sounds and a familiar voice beckoning you to practice magic! For $9.99, this is a steal!

Back to Peppa, and finally, a surprise of sorts for your wee ones! Wait a week to announce your next holiday with this awesome surprise countdown “calendar!” There are seven days of surprises and each cubby holds a new surprise inside. Your little piggies will love counting down the days of your vacation. For $12.99, this is a wonderful deal!! The best part is that you can take these cuties with you and have a complete set of figures and accessories to play with while traveling to your destination.

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