Toy Review and Video: Spinmaster Luvabella Luvabeau Baby Doll Demos at Playfair NY Interactive...

We got the chance to have a hands on demo of the adorable Luvabella doll at the Spinmaster booth at Play Fair NY. The Luvabella doll is definitely one of the hottest toys of the Christmas and holiday season. If you find one, grab it, because these cuties won’t stay on the shelves for long! 

There are two types of dolls, Luvabella the baby girl, and Luvabeau the baby boy. M-Tubey played with the Luvabeau, and he said he was very cute - not cuter than his own little bro though! Luvabeau is a Toys R Us Exclusive - he is very hard to find! 

The Luvabella dolls mimic baby’s needs and wants - feed, play with, and teach your Luvabella baby just like a real baby without the stinky diapers! It comes with a variety of interactive accessories that your baby will need like a spoon, bottle, a lamby toy, pacifier, removable dress and bottoms.  Soothe your Luvabella with its pacifier, play and teach wour baby with its lamby toy, and feed your baby by using the spoon and bottle. You can even burp your Luvabella baby after a feeding. You can play peek a boo with the Luvabella doll as well as tickle her silly! Teach your Luvabella doll animal names and sounds with its lamby toy! Lull your baby to sleep, and rest your hand on his chest to hear his heartbeat. What a sweet experience it will be to watch your baby nurture and love their own baby! 

What makes this doll so wonderful is that it is truly an interactive experience, because she will learn from your little one. Baby will learn to babble to over 100 words and will eventually speak full sentences and phrases! The more you play with your Luvabella doll, the more she will learn! 

Not only do the Luvabella and Luvabeau dolls provide ample play time fun, the dolls also will teach your child patience and responsibility. Spinmaster is notorious for creating thinking toys like the Hatchimals line that learns from your children, the Luvabella line has that same tone. 

Luvabella retails for $99.99, but they are selling fast! There are two types available at, so grab it while you can! Online retailers like Amazon already have the Luvabella and Luvabeau dolls for sale for nearly $200! Luvabella was voted Doll of the Year, and was a TOTY finalist! Also, this doll requires four C batteries that are not included. A good tip would be to buy some preemie sized baby clothes so your little one can dress their Luvabella dolls in different outfits. 

Happy shopping! Let me know if you found any Luvabella dolls in the comments below!

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