Toy Review and Video: Smooshy Mushy Squishies by Redwood Ventures! SLOW RISE and YUMMY SCENTED!

Just in time for Christmas and the holiday shopping frenzy, we have for review the latest craze! Smooshy Mushy Squishies are the perfect toys to squish and squeeze! Not only can you squish and squeeze, but they smell super sweet, too! Each squishy Smooshy Mushy pet have a mischievous quality, and the only way that they’ll be able to get out of these sticky situations is by the help of their besties!

Smooshy Mushy toys can be found at Walmart! Our recent trip to Walmart was a success and we found some more blind bags. You can find besties in blind bags that retail for $2.99, or each food themed container like the Ketchup bottle and Milk Shake that we opened this video have one pet, one mystery bestie, a sticker, a poster, two chains, and mini cup that retails for $9.99. They also have a dessert surprise container that has one pet, one surprise bestie, two chains, a sticker, a poster, and a mini container - that is also for $9.99. However, the coolest collection are the bento boxes that retail for $14.99, and they include one big squishy pet, two besties, a sticker, a poster, and you can keep your bento box to store your squishies! All squishies come with a fun name game where you take the first letter of your name and the first letter of your last name, and you can match them up to the silly and sweet options to give your pet a unique name! They also all come with name tags, so you can personalize your pet and besties! Squishy Mushy are for ages six and up. 

Not only are Smooshy Mushy squishies super slow rise and also smell absolutely amazing, you can take them on the go, too! Each Smooshy Mushy comes with one or two ball chains! Simply attach your squishy Smooshy Mushy to the chain, and squish on the go! We attached a pet and a bestie on one chain, and it’s doubly squish-a-licious!!!

You can purchase your very own Smooshy Mushy squishies at Walmart right now! They are on the shelves waiting to be squished, and loved by you!

We were gifted these Smooshy Mushy Squishies for our review by Redwood Ventures, the creator of these squishies! We love them! Thank you so much!

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