Monday, November 27, 2017

Toy Review and Video: Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Mystery Buddies Surprise Toy! Christmas Wish ...

Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Mystery Buddies are fashioned after the iconic super large, super fun waffle blocks from my childhood! Now, your little tikes will be able to build towns of waffle block towers with Waffle Block Buddies! Each Waffle Block mystery blind box set comes with two waffle pieces and one buddy! The packaging is super minimal, so this is such a novel idea - the packaging is apart of the toy, and it lessens the carbon foot print for blind bags and blind boxes! Way to go Little Tikes! Not only can you find these adorable blind “boxes” filled with one mystery buddy, there are also new play sets that are out now! Each play set has its own fun theme like farm animals, or trains! Waffle blocks are now the number one toy on my son’s Christmas wish list! He even asked Santa Claus for Waffle Blocks for Christmas! 

There are 18 buddies to collect in all, and some characters that you can get include a Doctor, a red nosed reindeer, a lion, a cavewoman, a ninja, a peacock, and more! The possibilities are endless, because Little Tikes’ band of characters include fictional and fantastical buddies - from fairies to cave women, your little ones will have a fun and whimsical storyline for their play time activities!

The Waffle Blocks Mystery Buddies blind box sets are $4.99 each. The play sets range from $25 to $60. There is also a  bag of Waffle Blocks that includes a lot of fun colors, and are a blank canvas for your little one to explore and build, and that is around $20. 

This toy is a wonderful thinking toy that requires no batteries and a little imagination for hours and hours of fun. My four year old son has been playing with 12 waffle blocks for three hours now! Hopefully, Santa gets him some more to add to his collection!

Happy wassailing, and happy waffling! 

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