Sunday, October 29, 2017

Toy Review & Video: Shnooks by Zuru! Open GIVE AWAY!

Zuru sent us an adorable new toy called, Shnooks! There are six Shnooks to collect in all - Snuggles, Sweetly, Shmiley, Shine, Shay, and Shazam! Shnooks are from the magical land called Shnook Brook! These adorable cuties will be your best friend and protect you, as well as, give your little one’s courage and strength! Each adorable Shnook has its own special traits that embodies goodness and strength like Sweetly is “always by your side,” and Shay gives you “courage and might!”

Shnooks are for ages 3 and up, and are available in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand! They will be available in early December in the US - just in time for Christmas! These Shnooks are super special - the packaging is very deceiving, because it is flat, but once you pop the bubble, give your Shnook a shake, it transforms from a flat plush to a soft, cuddly plush doll! The Shnooks’ hair is super soft, and with each Shnook comes a styling comb, four surprise hair bands, and two barrettes or hair clips! I had so much fun styling their hair! You can also take your Shnooks with you any where you go or display them easily at home, because they have a handy ribbon loop hidden in their fluffy hairline. 

Shnooks by Zuru retail for £8.99 in the UK. I do not have US pricing, but once I learn more about their availibility and pricing, I will update here! 

Thank you so much to Zuru for gifting us our new adorable, magical friends to love forever!

Win your own Shnook by subscribing to Tubey Toys and Zuru, and leaving the comment "DONE" on our video! Give away ends November 9, 2017 at midnight EST! Good luck!

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