Monday, October 16, 2017

Toy Review & Video: Disney Tsum Tsum Series 8 Mystery Packs - is it over?

Series 8 Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Packs have hit the shelves in Toys R Us, and we are SUPER excited! There are 10 to collect for this series, so it should be super easy for many to complete their sets. We were able to complete Series 8 mystery packs -FOR ONCE- on our video on our YouTube channel! 

There are several new characters for series 8 are characters from Moana like  Hei Hei and Maui, from Aladdin Jasmine’s pet Rajah, Beauty and Beast’s Gaston, from A Bugs Life Flik and Heimlich, a variation of Jack Skellington as Santa Jack, Aristocats' Thomas O’Malley, The Lion King’s Rafiki, and Maleficent as the Dragon from Sleeping Beauty!

The 3-packs that are now called Tsumprise packs feature a cute balloon motif with two medium sized tsums and the chance to get one or two small sized tsums in the tsumprise pack. Stay tuned for the tsumprise packs in our next video. 

I heard a strange rumor that Series 8 may be the last for the mystery packs. Is this true? Let me know in the comments below. Questions that I have sent to Jakks Pacific have gone unanswered. 

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