Thursday, October 5, 2017

Toy Review: Disney•Pixar Cars 3 Crunch & Crash Miss Fritter Vehicle Toy Review Tube...

We are huge Disney Pixar Cars fan in this house, and we're also fans of crashing our toys together - that being said, the Crunch & Crash Miss Fritter vehicle by Mattel does not disappoint! The details in this toy are just really cool! My four year old son loved crashing Miss Fritter and watching her back panel snap up on impact along with her eyes simultaneously closing creating an expression of delight! The front bumper pushes in to create this effect, and trust me you can crash this toy many times and never stop being surprised with the crunch! Another cool feature is the bus stop sign that pulls out, and it's in the shape of a saw! 


If your kiddo is a Disney Pixar Cars fan, especially of Cars 3, he or she will appreciate Miss Fritter's details, because they are exactly like her character in the movie! Miss Fritter's vehicle itself is very durable, and will be able to withstand the crashing and crunching expressed by your little one. Miss Fritter's bull horns and menacing look didn't even scuff our molding, which is what I feared! The "spray paint" art work like the wrenches on the tires, and the number 58 on it's side panel look awesome, and are very realistic! 

The Crunch & Crash Miss Fritter vehicle is also one piece, so it's great for on the go, and when your kiddo just needs to take a toy outside of the house. The doors do not open and close, so those waiting for the school bus will be safe in knowing that Miss Fritter will be crashing alone. 

Overall, my four year old aspiring monster truck rally driver enjoyed the Miss Fritter vehicle so much! He had loads of fun making up a story with Miss Fritter and his other Disney Pixar cars vehicles! I’m on the hunt now for the two other vehicles in this collection, Disney Pixar Cars 3 Crunch & Crash Dr. Danger and Crunch & Crash Arvy! 

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