Monday, October 23, 2017

Toy Review and Video: Disney Pixar Coco Skullectables Blind Bags with Figure Codes!

We were lucky to find the new Disney Pixar Coco Skullectables blind bags by Mattel today! We found them at Toys R Us, and they are for ages 3 and up! The figures we opened all had to be put together, so an adult should really help out a toddler if they want to open the blind bag. The cool thing about these skullectables is that completing your set will be fairly easy if you can locate all of the codes below. All of the codes are different, but may attention to the last letter - the different end letter starting from A and ending in L, so from A-L, that will determine which figure you will get -  there are 12 to collect in all. Follow our Instagram to stay tuned on how you can win a couple of Coco Skullectables blind bags!

The Disney Coco Skullectables figures are beautiful, colorful homage to the film and to the overall message of two different worlds colliding with the nether world and the living world! The collision of the living crossing over like Miguel Rivera’s character is really none other than what I have ever watched in a Disney film! This new Disney Pixar film, Coco, is going to be a true hit! Already we can see in the beautiful art of the sugar skulls we are looking at a film focusing on heritage and artistry!

Here are the codes below! 

A: Miguel Rivera (Coco)
B: Miguel Rivera 
C: Dante 
D: Hector (Coco)
E: Ernesto de la Cruz (Coco)
F: Imelda
G: Dante the Dog (Coco)
H: Pepita
I: Chicharron
J: Ernesto de la Cruz 
K: Abuelita
L: Emcee

Let us know who your favorite is in the comments below!

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