Bring Your Baby to New York Comic-Con, It's Okay, I Promise! Pros and Cons

Our annual family tradition of going to New York Comic-Con was a partial success! Usually, I like to film our time there, but my phone broke and I lost all of my videos! This video is about the free stuff and purchased exclusives that we got at NYCC 2017! 

Watch this video to find out the cool toys we got like the limited edition NYCC exclusive set, and the chrome Black Panther Marvel Tsum Tsum, Nickelodeon kid robot, DC Imaginext, Jem, and Ducktales comic books, and more!! We also show some of the cool cosplay that we saw! Everyone is so creative and wonderful! Enjoy!

New York Comic-Con is always fun. This time was a bit tricky because we bit the bullet and brought our two-month-old baby! Why? Well, as parents, we love a challenge, and this was definitely a challenge. Plus, our four-year-old loves NYCC and we have to find ways to accommodate both children. With no one to watch our solely breastfed baby, we set out! Keep in mind, you cannot bring your children into any panels at New York Comic-Con. 

First, do not be afraid to take your children to New York Comic Con! I researched a lot before going, and everything that I thought that I was doing right was actually the wrong way to do it - do not do what I did! Here are some tips below to make your Con experience a happy one for you, for your baby, for your family, and for the thousands of other NYCC goers! These are tips for parents who solely breastfeed. I can't speak for making bottles, etc, only because that will heavy your load, but you're going to bring a secret weapon that will aid you, so beautiful bottle-fed babies can enjoy, too! 

Pack it up! 
  • Bring a backpack with necessary baby essentials - two changes of clothes, diapers, an extra pacifier, wipes, and changing pad. 
  • Bring your baby carrier - you may or may not wear your baby!
  • Bring your small stroller! Now, you're going to think I am nuts, and cosplayers are going to hate me, but a stroller is necessary to wheel around the baby! Your stroller will act as many things - a shield for your baby, a nuisance in the crowds, your shopping cart, and your changing table! If the baby is still in an infant car seat, keep him or her in it, but make sure you're not bringing the huge travel stroller with you! Strollers nowadays are so compact that I don't think you will have a problem! I just suggest you stay out of the high traffic areas. Many of the family-oriented booths were up at the front this year. Nickelodeon was in its normal area. Toys R Us made an appearance this year in the first row. Funko was in its usual spot. 
Map it out!
  • The night before, map out your day. Do not use the app! The app is a nightmare (for me, at least), and will discourage you and confuse you. Go on a desktop computer and look at the map on the actual site. Then add your must do things to do the app. Like having a baby, a schedule is super important, and you will be conforming to your little one's schedule.
When to go!
  • We went on a Friday this time around - it was the busiest, crowded day ever! Never again! Sunday is a family day where kids five and over are $5, so that day would be easier! Plus, the stigma of a stroller really won't be frowned upon since the day is a family day! 
If you follow these tips, you'll have an easy experience! Now, you do not have to use your stroller the whole day! I would suggest using it until you get on to the floor. Start your experience at the entrance, head to DC downstairs, Nickelodeon, etc., and then you can store your stroller in coat check - this was confirmed by Jacob Javits Center! Then you can wear your baby when walking the floor. Be prepared for many people to go gaga for your babe! 

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