Today we unbox the Disney Store Tsum Tsum Subscription Box for August 2017. OH EM GEE! This sub box for August 2017 is our favorite so far! This video will contain spoilers, so if you’re still waiting for your sub box for August to arrive, skip this video until after you unbox yours!

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Today we unbox the Disney Store Tsum Tsum June 2017 Subscription Box. We were totally excited to find what was wrapped up in that fiery red tissue paper! 

If you have not opened your box yet, then read no further! 

… … … … … … … … … … … … 

This month’s box was … drum roll … micro tsums featuring the Disney 80’s classic movie, Oliver and Company! This movie was something that I watched so much when I was a kid! I remember going to the movies to watch it, which was a big deal for us kids in the 80’s! Going to the movies was like a major event in our house! 

I love Oliver and Company because it takes place in my hometown and features catchy music, and adorable cats and dogs! Oliver and Company is a modern take on Charles Dickens’s novel, Oliver Twist! Oliver is a homeless kitty and he makes friends with a cool pack of NYC dogs! Oliver isn’t accepted right away, but when he goes with the pups on their adventure to save their friend, Oliver becomes an honorary member of their gang!

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