Thursday, August 24, 2017

Video and Review: Unboxing FUNKO Disney Treasures TINY TOWN August 2017 w/ M-TUBEY! Tubey ...

M-Tubey is unboxing his first Funko Disney Treasures Subscription Box! The theme for the August 2017 adventure is called Tiny Town! 

M-Tubey is turning four years old in August and will be starting Pre-K in September 2017, and we thought this would be the perfect gift for him for his birthday and first day of big boy school! He also became a big brother this month, so we have a lot to celebrate! We found some amazing tiny characters for this box’s theme! 

We got the Explorer plan, which is $28 per box. You do not get a box monthly, rather one every three months, and it is chock full of amazing Funko products! The subscription box comes with one Dorbz RiDEZ collectible, one FUNKO POP!, one patch, two pins, a sticker, an awesome map, and a collectible mystery mini — all with the tiny character theme! 

Pricing and plans below:

Overall, I think this is a huge bang for your buck, especially if you're a Funko fanatic and Disney fan- our son is both, so choosing this box for his special birthday gift, and big bro status! Each plan varies, if you're not into a specific theme, then I would suggest the Traveler plan - you can peruse the next adventure on Funko's youtube channel and get a sneak peek! It's a choose your own FUNKO ADVENTURE! I chose Explorer, because I know our boy would love every single theme!

The next Funko Disney Treasures theme is called Haunted Forest! We hope to see some villains in the adventure! Stay tuned, and subscribe for more videos! 

Watch and see who we get! Don’t forget to subscribe and like our videos on our YouTube channel! 

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