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I unboxed the Disney Tsum Tsum Story sets by Jakks Pacific that I found at Toys R Us. Each set features details from films like Aladdin, Lilo & Stitch, and Alice in Wonderland. 

I find these sets to be great additions to your Disney Tsum Tsum collection, especially if you're into toy photography or miniatures. Each set includes accessories for your Tsum Tsum vinyl figures to wear too!

You can find Disney Tsum Tsum story sets and packs on Amazon!

We have the new Disney Tsum Tsum Story Sets made by Jakks Pacific to review — all three-story sets, in fact — the Palace of Agrabah from Aladdin, Down the Rabbit Hole from Alice in the Wonderland, and Ohana in Hawaii featuring Lilo and Stitch! Each story set includes over 15 accessories, tsums, and little mini buildings for hours of stacking fun! You do not get any blind bags in the story sets, but you do get one exclusive tsparkle sparkly tsum in each set! The accessories are just adorable! In the Palace of Agrabah set the Genie comes with his Goofy hat just like in the end of the movie when he is freed! Alice in Wonderland’s set, Down the Rabbit Hole, features many distinctive movie hints like the scene from the Mad Tea Party- all of your favorite tsums can join in with a Mad Hatter headband, tea cup headband, and more! The Ohana in Hawaii set features your favorites from Lilo and Stitch - Stitch has his toy “spaceship” and a cute cape flying in the wind. There is also a nod to Elvis Presley with the red glasses that Stitch wears from the movie. 

Each set features interactive pieces and moving parts. Some assembly is required, but once you get everything pieced together, you will be able to enjoy and reminisce about each of your favorite Disney films. All tsums can be enjoyed with these sets, because there are fun accessories and interactive pieces for all sizes! Feel free to remove the sets from the box to display, or keep them in their boxes for a neater display!

The Tsum Tsum Story Sets are sure to delight your little ones and tsum collectors because of their originality and play on the actual Disney films. Overall, the story sets are a must for the hard tsum tsum collector. Already, M-Tubey who will be four years very soon has had a blast playing with them! Each story set allows imaginative play as well as builds social skills. With each tiny piece, you get a mix of sharpening their fine motor skills as well! 

Retails $14.99 and varies in accessories amounts

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  1. That Alice set is so cool!! ����

  2. Super cute set! Love them all!! :)

  3. I think my favorite is the Alice set, I love Alice in Wonderland.

  4. These sets are so cute! My favourite is definitely the Lilo and Stitch one!