Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Toy Review: Disney Tsum Tsum Series 7 + Marvel Series 4 Review

Today we unboxed the new Disney Tsum Tsum figures on our channel in the form of the new Series 7 Disney Tsum Tsum 3-packs, 7-packs, and a Series Marvel 9-pack! Disney Series 7 Tsum Tsum are extra special this time around because of all of the wonderful new characters that have been added like Tigerlily and Wendy from the classic Disney movie, Peter Pan. They also added Finding Nemo characters like Nigel, Crush the sea turtle, and Bruce the shark! 

Each Disney Tsum Tsum 3-pack from Series includes two visible medium size tsum, and there is a special TSUMPRISE inside the little gift box where you can get one, two, or THREE small vinyl tsums! What’s cool about the tsumprise is that you can also get a tsparkle tsum! Jakks Pacific really nailed it this time, and they incorporated a lot of Series 6 into Series 7. The overlap isn’t that bad where you would get a duplicate of a figure, you stand to get a lot more special edition ones like the sparkly tsums.

Woody's Round-Up 7-pack
I love the TSUM TSUM 7-packs - they each tell a story, and the ones we opened are Woody’s Round-up, and Cat Craze. Woody’s Round-up includes the new Stinky Pete vinyl figure in medium, medium Woody with his Sheriff’s badge accessory, a large Bullseye, a special accessory that is a throwback to Series 5 of Bullseye’s record player, but this player has a cool backer card on it with full color artwork, a small Jessie tsum, and one blind bag. The Cat Craze 7-pack includes the cats of Disney, this is a very adorable set, but it lacks also in character richness. Cat Craze really could include almost every Disney movie there - I think Pinocchio’s Figaro should have been included for good measure, but we a got throwback to Series 1 Marie and her cat bed accessory, Suzy’s basket of yarn for the kitties to play and baby Simba is sitting in it, Lucifer who is new for us and the evil villainous cat from Cinderella, and Shere Khan the bad cat from The Jungle Book in his new, large size for Series 7, and you also get a blind bag. I personally think Cat Craze should have been Kitties - Villains vs. Heroes. 

The Marvel Series 4 9-pack was rich with Avengers characters. It actually includes eight characters and one bonus accessory. Some may find this to be a gyp, but it’s not, I would rather have a cool, new accessory than a duplicate of the same character any day. 

Overall, Series 7 Tsums are better than what I had hoped. I look forward to picking up more three packs! I know we are missing at least three more.  

Purchased at Toys R Us
3-pack: $4.99
7-pack: $9.99

9-pack: $9.99


  1. I wonder when they fuzzy tsum tsums from this series will finally show up, I hope it's soon.

  2. Can't wait for this to come to Canada ☺️

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