Toy Review:Disney Tsum Tsum Fun at the Fair Deluxe Playset by Jakks Pacific

Today we are unboxed the Jakks Pacific Disney Tsum Tsum Fun at the Fair Deluxe Play Set! This set feature three shelving units with cubbies that can hold your small, medium, and large tsum tsum vinyls. The deluxe set also include two interactive modes of play; a ferris wheel that will spin your small tsums around, and a gondola connected with a zip line to two towers. Unfortunately, we were not able to get anything to work properly. I feel like the shelving units should have connected some how. In the blister pack, the deluxe set is secure, so it looks very deceiving. Once removed from the box, the whole sets comes undone. With a very curious four year old at the helm, I had a lot of trouble getting this set to stay put. Thus. we could not enjoy the full capabilities of the set. 

With the slight drawbacks, there are a positives to getting the deluxe set! The set includes an exclusive large Dumbo tsum tsum vinyl with all over glitter! The glitter application is perfection! You also receive a small Cheshire cat tsum tsum vinyl, which was a bit of downer for me. Finally, you receive another small tsum in a blind bag, and we were super ultra lucky enough to … open an exclusive black and white tsum tsum. You’ll have to watch the video to find out who! 

Overall, this set will be an excellent addition to your ever growing tsum tsum vinyl collection! The set is for ages six and up, and is made by Jakks Pacific. 

You can also expand your deluxe set even further with the two other available Fun at the Fair sets that retail for $9.99 each at Toys R Us. When you collect both stack ‘ems basic display sets and the stack ‘ems Deluxe display set, you will be able to create and customize the ultimate Disney Tsum Tsum display with over 100 stacking abilities!!

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  1. This set is so cute! It's such a bummer it didn't work the greatest though :/