Monday, June 19, 2017

DIY Disney Junior Sunny Bunnies

M-Tubey loves watching Sunny Bunnies on Disney Junior! These furry, cute little bunnies get into all kinds of mischief! 

He has been asking for Sunny Bunnies toys, and I cannot find them anywhere. I am sure that they don't even make them (yet!). I decided to take matters into my own hands and take some leftover pom poms that I had from another project (I purchased the ones from the video on amazon), and printed the features of each Sunny Bunny. 

Tools you'll need:

  • home printer
  • large pom poms 
  • pipe cleaners (fuzzy or tinsel)
  • hot glue
  • scissors

Directions: First print each Sunny Bunny - they should be no larger than the size of the pom pom - about two inches. Then cut their eyes and mouths out carefully. Then glue each piece to the corresponding Sunny Bunny colors. 

Hopper - Green

Shiny - Blue

Big Boo - Pink

Turbo - Orange

Iris - Purple 

Make sure an adult handles the glue and scissors! 

Check out the video for the complete DIY demo and a fun way to learn colors with Sunny Bunnies!

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