Monday, May 22, 2017

Toy Review: Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie Toys

Tra-la-laaaaaa!!!!! Who is totally ready to see the movie Captain Underpants?! We cannot wait! We love watching the Captain Underpants movie preview over and over! And now, Toys R Us has a bunch of cool toys for sale made by JUST PLAY - we bought talking bean bag plushies, a prank set, and a talking toilet! 

Harold, George, Professor Poopy Pants, and Captain Underpants are the talking plushies available. The talking dolls are a nice addition to your collection, because they say a bunch of phrases for each character. Professor Poopy Pants has the best phrases!

The Prankster set includes four pranks: 3D HYPNO RING that lights up and has the ability to hypnotize your nemesis. Wear your ring and press the button to watch it light up! The center has a swirly nipnotic image on it, which is a lenticular which warps the image to make it seem like it is moving! Pretty cool! You'll get  your own pair of underpants - just add water and like a magic towel, your underpants will appear, a joke pen that shoots water up to 15ft., and the best part — poop putty that looks like real poop! With the poop putty, you’ll be able to leave logs of surprises all over the place! 

We really had a lot of fun with the talking toilet! It “says” a lot of funny and silly sounds like fart noises, toilet flushing, gagging noises, and more! 

Overall we had a blast with the toys. The only things we did not like were that the underpants was just a washcloth like a magic towel, and talking toilet just talked. The arms barely moved on the toilet, and the eyes didn't movie - for the very low price of $7.99 though the price is right!

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Bean Bag Plushies - $9.99 each 

Preposterous Prankster Set - $9.99 

Talking Toilet - $7.99

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