Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Disney TSUM TSUM Tsparkle Tsurprise SERIES 6 FULL CASE OPENING 3-pack Gl...

Series 6 Disney Tsum Tsum vinyl 3-packs by JAKKS PACIFIC have arrived in stores! We picked up a full case from Toys R Us - there are 24 pieces in each carton. However, there were seven duplicate 3-packs in this particular carton. I did not open the duplicates in this video, and have saved a select few for our next huge TSUM TSUM give away!

Series 6 vinyl tsums are absolutely amazing! Jakks Pacific released some favorites within their new TSPARKLE TSURPRISE line with all over glitter on each tsum. We did notice the addition of a large HAMM from TOY STORY with the sparkles. However, the regular series 6 release does not include a large HAMM. Very curious, indeed! 

With the addition of the three packs that were released, we also purchased the series 6 tsum tsum blind bags, which will follow in another video. Jakks Pacific, can you help us out for series 7 tsum tsums, please?! Haha!

Our latest video unboxing these babies is 20+ minutes long! It’s a huge opening!

To celebrate our one year on youtube, we will be hosting a HUGE GIVE AWAY TO SAY THANK YOU to our SUBSCRIBERS! So, please subscribe if you haven’t already, and you’ll automatically be entered! More info to follow! Stay tuned! 


  1. I really cannot tell which series is the cutest!!!

  2. Series 6 is so cute! The Tsparkles are extra cute as well; such a unique concept for a series!