GIVE AWAY! Parblo Pearl P10 10 Inches LCD Writing Tablet REVIEW Tubey Toys

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Today we are reviewing the Parblo  P10 Pearl LCD Writing Tablet that come in two exciting colors - black or orange, and today we are reviewing the black, sleek P10. This product is a handy device that will prompt fine motor skills and further illuminate your and your child’s creative and artistic capabilities. 

We tested the Parblo Pearl P10 under stressful conditions - like pre-schooler handling and play - and it responded beautifully! The Pearl P10 has an easy one button eraser, and a lock button to save your prized drawings. The only downside that it cannot be connected to a laptop or computer to really save your work, but I feel that it would hinder the P10’s ability to be fully lightweight and transportable. 

We tested the durability of the Pearl P10 by bending it, banging on, and using instruments that are not associated with it, and there isn’t a stress crack or scratch on it! I decided to use this tablet to give my son the extra drive to help him learn tracing letters. He loves it, and he is 3 1/2 years old. 

A representative from Parblo explained that this tablet would be ideal for ages 3 and up. To buy one of your own Parblo Pearl P10 10” LCD Writing Tablets, visit the links below. For some money off, add discount code: Tubeytoy at checkout. 

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  • Product Description: Parblo Pearl P10 10 Inches LCD Writing Tablet adopt the ultra-thin design that is convenient to carry it anytime and anywhere. With the Eraser lock function and you can save your satisfactory work to prevent accidental erasure. Moreover, it is multifunctional; It can not only be used as the drawing paper  for children to doodle, but also take replace of the blackboard, whiteboard, shop billboard, children draft board and home message board, etc

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