Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BBuddieez Series 1 Collectible Figures Fun Toy Review | We won a B BUDDI...

Bbuddieez are super cool! We finally got our hands on these adorable, super tiny, very versatile BBuddieez compliments of Jupiter Creations’ give away win! Thank you Jupiter Creations and BBuddieez! 

If you haven’t heard of BBuddieez, they are cute characters that clip on to bracelets, mini play set displays, and you can even “clip” them to your hair to add some whimsy to any hairstyle! If you get a duplicate, trade with your friends! Not only can you clip these little guys on to Bbuddieez accessories, but you can have some fun with some imaginative play, too! Check out our unboxing video to explore all of l the fun ways to play with BBuddieez! Each buddieez has his or her own story, which will help your child (or yourself) add to their role playing fun! Bbuddieez are for ages 5+ and are manufactured by Jupiter Creations. BBuddieez are available for sale at amazon.com and at Target.

BBuddieez YouTube: https://goo.gl/6OR5Rn
BBuddieez Instagram: @bbuddieez
BBuddieez Twitter: @lets_bbuddieez 

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