Friday, February 10, 2017

WOW! New Fash'em Stack'ems! MLP!

Tech4Kids released a new style of Fash'ems! Fash'ems are usually not very squishy, but these new Fash'em Stack'ems are super squishy and stretchy! The size of the new My Little Pony Stack’ems are the size of a large tsum tsum! I tried stacking a Disney Tsum Tsum with the super squishy MLP Fashem Stackem, and it stacked up okay - not the best. I would keep trying though with your favorite tsum tsums and your favorite MLP characters! 

I bought these MLP Stack’ems and MLP Series 3 Squishy Pops at Target. Get them now, because they’re going fast!

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