Disney Princess Rapunzel Water Reveal Canvas Doll & Princess Belle Magic...

Hey, pals! 

Today we are reviewing two beautiful dolls made by Hasbro featuring two of our favorite Disney Princesses - Princess Belle and Princess Rapunzel. Both dolls are extremely well made and will definitely stand the tests of time during play time with your little Princess or Prince. Each doll has its own magical qualities, which will spark the imaginations of your little ones further illuminating their desires to create and play.

Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Water Reveal Canvas Set by Hasbro includes the beautiful Rapunzel doll, a brush, easel, and a double sided canvas. Channel your inner artist by dipping the paint brush in the pottery bowl filled with water and you can repeatedly make two distinct scenes appear! The two scenes are from the Disney movie Tangled, one with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on the row boat enjoying the lanterns, and the other when Rapunzel is swinging around a tree with a beautiful, long hair. Rapunzel is also wearing her peasant dress with a paint splattered smock and apron. I purchased the Rapunzel doll at Target for $19.99 (plus an additional 5% off with my red card).

The Disney Princess Belle's Magical Story Skirt by Hasbro is an adorable set that includes a rose inspired wand that can be filled water to “paint” the scene of Belle and the Beast dancing together. Simply fill up the rose wand and Belle’s dress will come to life! I purchased Princess Belle from Amazon during an Amazon Lightning deal for under $9!

Let us know what we should review next! Hasbro has a great line of magical Princess dolls like the ones we reviewed today, so please say that! ;)

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