Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Toy Review & Duplicate Give Away #2: Creeplings by Frankentoys

We got our Creeplings! Woo hoo!

Creeplings are a new and exciting collectible for kids and big kids ages six and up! Creeplings are by Frankentoys, and are designed by two amazing artists that have brought their creations to life through these amazing, tiny sculptures. 

Creeplings are a collection of 48 unique characters that have their own stories to tell! In the first run of Series 1, the checklist has a cute collection of three comic strips telling a little story about each character. The figures -comparing just for size- are about the size of a Shopkin or Grossery gang figure. However, each Creepling has a rich story to tell, further illuminating the role of each figure. The fact that there are tiny little stories about these little fellas, to me, gives each figure more depth. The novelty aspect still doesn’t wear off though, because each little story is funny in its own way. I feel by Frankentoys including these little starter comic strips will allow kids to create their comic strips for their own Creeplings. 

I donated some money to Frankentoys’ Kickstarter to help fund their first production run for Creeplings, and I am so happy that I did! I believe I found them through instagram (or they may have found me!), but I honestly can’t remember. Either way, I am glad that we have them, because we love them so much! The creators’ stories are really impressive. I watched the video on the Creeplings were created, and I was truly amazed! I believe this is a husband and wife team, and their drawings have come to life. Each of the Creeplings was hand sculpted and painted — all based off of their designs. Their prototypes were all hand done, and most likely shipped off to their factory to be produced. 

Creating something from scratch, especially one that is your own artwork for mass production, is not only quite hard, but very admirable. These talented artists entrusted their heart and soul to a factory to replicate their miniature masterpieces, and the outcome was nothing less than perfection. In all of my years of toy publishing, I have never seen such a quick turn around time, and such impeccable quality. The packaging is also quite nice - I think a matte varnish or even keep the glossy finish with a spot UV to make it pop - it would look awesome for those blind boxes for Series 2! Otherwise, the contents are great quality and we simply just love them. Okay, M-Tubey was a little scared of them, but I think he was just being silly — this is coming from a kid who watches The Nightmare Before Christmas three times in a row. 

Even though the Creeplings are supposed to be creepy and spooky they are really colorful -- the artwork for the packaging, the figures themselves, and the checklist are color colorful and vibrant. I highly recommend Creeplings for your tiniest collector (ages six and up), your friend who appreciates spooky art, or your collector friends who like to get their hands on the hottest toys!

We look forward to purchasing more, and you can do so yourselves at Also, show them some love on instagram too: @creeplingstoys

We got two duplicates in our video! Enter to win by leaving a comment below! Leave a comment about anything - if you like Creeplings, or just say "entered!" The winner will be chosen randomly via a random comment picker on November 25 at midnight EST! 

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Thanks, pals!


  1. How cute! What a brilliant invention! 😊

    1. Hi! Yes! They did a great job!! Not sure if you wanted to enter, if so, please comment that you're entering the mini give away. :)

  2. i would very much like to enter! these are adorable! thank you very much for the opportunity!

    1. Lots of luck!! Aren't these figures so awesome?! :)

  3. I would like to enter please. I think these are adorable and the kids would love them. :)

  4. We want to enter! We think they are so cute! -Cookie Tux