Thursday, October 20, 2016

Toy Review: Mattel My Mini MixieQ's Campground Play Set

Hey, pals!

At Target, I found a awesome deal on a My Mini MixieQ play set! It was $7.48, a good deal at 50% off and in the clearance section, so I grabbed it! We never opened blind boxes or unboxed anything from this super cute, super tiny line of toys by Mattel.

We unbox the My Mini MixieQs Campground Play Set, and discover a tiny camping world for your MixieQ girls to enjoy! It includes tiny accessories for sleeping, eating, relaxing, and even bear watching! The accessories are small enough for your My Mini MixieQ and super tiny for little hands. This product is for ages four and up, and the whole set includes small parts, so be sure to supervise small children while they enjoy this set. The play set is so unique in that it folds up completely to fit in the palm of your hand, so it’s perfect for on the go play dates at the grandparents’ house, or at a friend’s home. This set reminded me so much of Polly Pocket, except the My Mini MixieQs were a tad bit more detailed and didn’t have as many moving parts as a typical Polly Pocket set. 

The Campground Set includes two visible MixiQ girls with interchangeable outfits and wigs. You also get a blind bag with an additional MixieQ girl with an extra wig. There is also a cute tent for a MixieQ girl to sleep (I said trailer several times), a removable sleeping bag to sleep under the stars, a lantern, a service for two with tiny food, and a cute bear! Alas, the play set only included a service for two, I really think they could have included another plate for the blind bag MixieQ girl to eat. She’ll just have to eat the bear. I’m kidding! You can’t eat a bear without a nice plate. 

The food is so teeny-tiny in that it is the size of an adult fingernail. The pieces are very small, and we have already lost and recovered many of the pieces. As far as play-ability, M-Tubey played with this set for a good 20 minutes, so I have to say that it is quite engaging for imaginative play, and will really hone a child’s fine motor skills! 

Each scene is sectioned by each square fold of the box, and when unfolded, your MixieQs will come to life in the wilderness! It folds up easily, and each accessory stores perfectly within the play set, so clean up is a breeze! 

We loved this set! Mattel nailed it with this series, and we look forward to unboxing more — when they go on clearance!

Thanks, pals!


  1. Congratulations! We didn't know you had a website and a blog I used to be a blogger before Sedona's channel completely consumed me :-D Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and we are very happy for your channel growth! :) Veronika (Sedona Fun Kids TV) 💖 💖 💖

  2. This playset is so super cute! Awesome video!