Thursday, October 27, 2016

Toy Review: Magic Sketch by Boogie Board Writing Tablet

Hey, pals!

Today we review the Magic Sketch by boogie board. Learn, create, play, doodle with the Magic Sketch! The Magic Sketch is a really cool toy that is a totally transportable writing toy that works like a tablet! It has a smooth LCD style screen, where you can write with ease! It comes with its own stylus that works as a stand for when you want to prop up your Magic Sketch! It also comes with bonus stamps, roller stamp, a flat spatula tool, and a paint brush tool! 

The best part of the Magic Sketch are the stencils!! There are three types of color coded stencils: Learning, Games, and Drawing! You will be able to put a stencil in and you can trace letters, numbers, punctuation, shapes, and more! The games section includes fun games to play alone or with your friends! The drawing section has an array of awesome images where you can trace the image! This product will facilitate imaginative play as well as hone their fine motor and social skills! 

This is not your typical writing toy - the “ink” color is rainbow, which is super fun! The stamps included will further illuminate your child’s drawing, and you can even use your own rubber stamps to personalize your drawing. When you’re done, simply press the button at the top of the screen, and the image disappears — like magic! No clean up involved - no different combos of crayons, markers, pens — just one set with everything you need to fill the hours of a long ride in an airplane, in the car, or even at home! 

This set is a wonderful alternative for the iPad or tablet. It doesn’t connect to the internet, which is a plus; it will allow your kids’ imaginations to run wild! There is a slight downfall of not being able to save your creations. However, your kiddo can ask your to snap a photo of their favorite drawings, and share it with Magic Sketch on their instagram page @themagicsketch! 

My son loves this set, and he already threw it, spilled juice on it, and ran over it with his tricycle. The plastic is durable and withstood the control tests of a toddler. He’s three, and I think that is a great age for a child to enjoy this toy, but do supervise, because there are small parts. 

The Magic Sketch is powered by a button cell battery that can last up to seven years, so your kids will get years of enjoyment from this set! Thumbs up from us! Thumbs up from you? Let us know in the comments below!

I purchased this set for $29.95 plus S&H. It arrived within a week of ordering it! The extra bonus accessories are a $20 value, and they are already included for free! I purchased it from this site: 

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  1. Woah, this toy is super cool! I'm definitely considering putting it on my wish list!

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