Thursday, October 13, 2016

Toy Review: Learning Resources Smart Snacks Counting Cookies set

We really loved the Counting Cookies play set by Learning Resources. The cookies were the perfect size for my little guy’s hands, and the cookies just looked so real and delicious! This set is recommended for ages two and up. This set is ideal for any age, but there is a choking hazard as a child can easily put the cookie in his or her mouth. However, the age limit is noted because the product was only tested for usage by a child aged two and up. Adult supervision is always required when playing with any toy, especially one that mimics food to avoid the placing of the object in their mouth. I purchased this set from Amazon for $12.19, but you can also purchase it at for the same price - pair that with your RedCard, if you have one, and save an additional 5%!

This set is a wonderful tool to help build your little one’s confidence with counting. Using familiar tools like yummy cookies, and familiar characters like Cookie Monster displays familiarity and fun. I feel  fun and learning can be paired together! My son didn’t see this as work, or felt that he was missing out on playing with his toys - he was learning and identifying other new ways to count! Now with common core education, a simple count from one to 10 is simply not enough! 

If you're in the market for a learning toy, you should definitely add the Counting Cookies set to your list! This set is a great vehicle to teaching numbers and differentiating numbers and quantities. My son is three, and he can already count to ten, but I was concerned about his number recognition. I feel like with more play time with this set, he'll have the cookie counting down pat(ty cake)!

Smart Snacks Counting Cookies, 13 Pieces in total - Cookies are about 1.75" in diameter. 

Promotes imaginative play, coordinates baking and numbers, promotes number recognition, enhances hand-eye coordination, and teaches to count 0-10, helps the child understand the relationship between numbers and quantity.

Perfect gift for your toddler or pre-schooler!

What's in a our YouTube video?

Let’s do something different! M-Tubey can count to 10, and he wants you to count with him! Join us and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street as we count from one to 10 using chocolate chip cookies from a super cool numbers set — Smart Snacks Counting Cookies play set by Learning Resources! We will learn to count from one to 10 - forwards and backwards! This set promotes counting skills, number recognition, and hand-eye coordination! Can we count all of the cookies before Cookie Monster eats them? 

This is a great video for infants to pre-schoolers to watch, because they will learn to count numbers from 0 to 10 in English. We go through number recognition by showing the number followed by speaking the number, and counting the chocolate chips on each cookie as we place each cookie back into the cookie jar! Kids will also recognize their favorite Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster! 

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  1. What a neat toy for kids who are learning! This is a very cute video as well!