Toy Review: PJ Masks Night Sight Game Toy, Owlette Gekko Catboy Romeo Plushies

The PJ Masks shout HOORAY into the night to save the day! Finally, a glimmer of hope for parents every where while the long awaited PJ Masks toys start to fill toy store shelves! Today, we have the super-dee duper-tee awesome PJ Masks plushies, which features Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, and Romeo! The perfect combo for a villainous toy take over! The plashes are now available at Toys R Us, and retail for $8.99 US. 

Also on the scene is the brand new PJ Masks Night Sight board game that incorporates memory and guessing to keep the toys away from Romeo! This game is super fun, and perfect for ages 3 and up! It is available now at Toys R Us and retails for $16.99 US. The game’s contents are three masks, three toy store boards, nine shelf tiles, 27 Romeo tiles, one Romeo’s toy rack, and the helpful instructions! The object of the game is to make sure Romeo doesn’t steal the toys from each PJ Masks player’s toy store! You study your shelf tiles in your store, and try and remember what you have in stock. Then you turn your boards over, and go to the night phase. Night phase is when you put on your PJ Masks character mask. Before you put it on, choose three Romeo tiles, and guess with toy store has each toy. Then go into Night Phase and put on those masks to see if you guessed right! If so, keep the toys and good will prevail! If you’re wrong, the incorrect toy guesses go into Romeo’s toy rack! It’s a lot of fun! This game is manufactured by Wonder Forge, and they’re responsible for a ton of cool games like Surprise Slides, Spiderman Ultimate Face Off Dice Game, and more! 

Romeo took over our toy show, and stuffed the PJ Masks in our surprise eggs, and the only way to save them is to win at his own game, Night Sight! The challenge is on, and we have to save Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette, along with our amazing surprise toys like Num Noms, Glitzi Globes, Secret Life of Pets, Jungle in My Pocket, Minecraft, and more! Who will prevail? Will someone else save us all if Romeo wins? Watch and find out!

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