Toy Review: Fisher Price Shimmer & Shine Magical Wish Granting Bracelets!

We played with the new Fisher Price Shimmer & Shine Wish Granting Shimmer Bracelets in our show today! They are so much fun and so super cute! These bracelets are well made, and are the perfect addition to your little one's costume wardrobe. Press the faceted jeweled button on each bracelet and Shimmer will appear in bright lights and either sing a song from the show, speak a catchphrase, or a wish granting chime will sound off to let you know that your wish has been granted! On the other bracelet, Shimmer's trusty pet Tala makes an appearance too! 

Fisher Price is known for making well made toys, and this set is no exception. At a moderate price of $12.99, if you can find these bracelets, definitely pick a pair up! The success of the Shimmer and Shine really has boomed since its debut in 2015, so these are a great addition to your or your little Shimmer and Shine fan's collection. 

Shimmer and Shine are so divine that they can make a wish and Boom Zahramay - magical toy surprises appear from the cuff of Shimmer’s bracelets! We’re pretending today on Tubey Toys, and we’re playing with these super rad Fisher Price Shimmer & Shine Wish Granting Shimmer Bracelets that light up with a touch of a button. Hear catchphrases from the show and catchy chime telling you that your wish is granted! Who doesn’t want to wish for more toys?! One cuff has Shimmer twinkling in one faceted light up jewel and the other cuff has Tala twinkling when you press the button. 

With a magical wish, Shimmer and Shine will grant it with their genie magic and poof! blind bag toys appear - Shopkins, Happy Places, Frozen, Marvel, Care Bears, Super Marios Bros 2, and more! Watch and have fun with us! Don’t forget to like our video and please subscribe for more fun videos! 

Fisher Price Shimmer and Shine Wish Granting Shimmer Bracelets 
For Ages 3 years and up
Retails for $12.99 US
Promotes imaginative play and fun for dressing up!

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