Friday, September 23, 2016

Toy Review: Disney Tsum Tsums Series 4 Color POP! Collection Vinyl Figures

Fall is upon us, and with the changing of the seasons, the toys are coming out faster than the leaves can turn to their beautiful golds, reds, and oranges. With color changes in mind, Jakks Pacific released Series 4 Disney Tsum Tsums Color Pop Collection! In addition to a regular Series 4 Tsum Tsum release, we now have the option to purchase a rainbow of colors of our favorite tsums. The new Color Pop Tsums have been released as the usual three pack that we all know and love in sizes small, medium, and large, and each package includes a varying Disney tsum tsum vinyl figure with a different color for each one. You will get three different colors, and three different tsums. I purchased these today (as of posting this blog and video), and the sticker price on the rack at Toys R Us said $5.49! That’s a .50 increase in price, but I reviewed my receipt at the time of writing this and I got them for $4.49 (with the 10% off sale). However, on the Toys R Us website, the tsum tsums 3-pack collection is on sale for $3 and change, so I will be going back with my receipt for a price adjustment - the savings is just too great to let it fall by the way side!

The new Jakks Pacific Color Pop Series 4 Disney Tsum Tsums are actually pretty awesome, but are they worth it to add to your collection? In reality, this is like starting a whole new tsum tsums collection. After careful consideration, I do feel that these will be an amazing addition to your, I’m sure, already growing tsum tsum vinyl collections. The colors released in the Color Pop collection are mainly primary colors and features a bright shade and light hue to offset it, and along with that there are the chances to get super ultra lucky tsums like monochrome Minnie Mouse and monochrome Mickey Mouse, as well as another super rare tsum, the elusive gold Stitch large tsum! I hope that I find at least one of them! According to, the super ultra lucky tsums will most likely pop up in the most unexpected of places! But, where? I think possibly in a 9-pack or will they include the chance in a Tsum Tsum stack pack blind bag? We probably won’t know until October 2016. It’s so close, yet so far! 

The details for each tsum have stayed the same - the molds haven’t changed, it’s just the color of each tsum that have. Each tsum has one bright color and then accented with a lighter hue. For example, Lucky from 101 Dalmatians is a peachy overtone with highlights of a bright orange. Whereas, Thumper from Bambi is reversed, where his whole body is orange, and his accents are peachy. You may remember seeing these pops of color in your limited edition stack ’n display tsum tsum vinyl figure that was included in the set, and those have only been released in the large size vinyl tsum. There are varying colors now, where Mickey was the “gold” figure with his corresponding stack ’n display, and with three pack there is the chance to get a dull blue Mickey. 

Front and back of Disney Series 4 Checklist - this confirms that Series 4 is a dual release of the regular tsums, and the Color Pop tsums. Photo by Tiffany B for Tubey Toys

My overall review of these cuties is that they are cute - they are just super cute. Will I be running out and searching and going on toy hunts for them? Right now, no. I most likely will when I get the full story on how one of the more rare tsums can be obtained. For now, I am super happy with my mini collection. Although, I do need to still get Queen of Hearts, and Marie…well, let the hunt begin then!

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below! Please also like our toy review video, and subscribe to Tubey Toys! 

Thanks, pals!


  1. These are so super cute! Love the ones you got!

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