Monday, September 19, 2016

Disney Tsum Tsums Nightmare Before Christmas + Villains 100th Video! Tub...

Wow! We have uploaded our 100th video to our channel. I think, as a channel, that we have come far - our video quality is getting better, our sound is, um, eh, and quite possibly our content is getting stronger. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to us, and continues to watch and comment, and just be really nice, we really hope that you’re feeling the love from us, because we’ve got nothing but love for you baby! 

We have had so MUCH FUN sharing our videos with you. We do get negative feedback, of course, but we get a lot of positive feedback, too, which helps outweigh the haters. Thank you for all of your criticisms - as long as its constructive, and not whiny - it’s accepted with open arms. 

This episode features a lot of Tsum Tsums, and much like our very first episode, we wanted to commemorate that first very intimidating feeling “on” camera with a more confidant comparison video—woo hoo for our 100th video!! We have the Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums Box Set, the almost complete Disney Villains collection (we’re missing Ursula - grumble, grumble), awesome Disney collectible Tsum Tsum mini vinyl figures to unbox (spoiler alert: we got the chaser!), and a Tsum Tsums figural keyring. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas box set features eight amazing and memorable characters from the film, and retails for a whopping $49.95 US! That is a huge chunk of change for some tsums. The box itself is actually quite nice. The matte varnish gives it a very soft finish, and the touch of spot UV in the Disney Tsum Tsums logo classes it up. The shape of the box is unique in that it has a skewed rectangular look - almost mimicking a coffin, to me though, I feel like it is mimicking a door or is just supposed to look weird, because the movie is kind of kooky - I love this movie, though! The tsum tsums included are Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Finklestein, the Mayor, Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington as Sandy Claus, and Santa Claus. The Tsum Tsums are very cute, and well made, but my only complaint are the cheaper details on the Tsum Tsums - for the villains and the NBC box set. I feel like there shouldn’t be any type of vinyl on these cuties - they should be sewn on like the Oogie Boogie’s die detail. I love the way M-Tubey says, Oogie Boogie in the video! So cute!

The Disney Villains set is quite nice - there are eight to collect in all - Maleficent as the Dragon, Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Jafar as the Genie, Lady Tremaine, Cruella DeVille, and Dr. Facillier. My favorite is Cruella, because her “mink” coat is quite soft and lovely - I can sit and feel it all day. It’s really plush and well done. I think a far cry better than her original release. They nailed it. Jafar as the Genie was a bad choice in my book - I think they should have released it as Jafar himself. He was a lot more sinister than, but maybe they have other plans for his original self. We, unfortunately, did not receive Ursula in a our shipment. Disney will hear about this! I am upset as every single one of my shipments lately has either arrived damaged, or I am missing items. 

We also unbox these amazing Disney collectible vinyl figures, and this collection are Disney Favorites. There are six to collect in all, and you have the chance to get Marie, Stitch, Dumbo, Cheshire Cat, Lady, and a chaser figure. Well, we got the chaser mystery figure, and it is SUPER COOL! Watch and find out who we got. Retailing at $12.95, these babies are overpriced, but really cute. I got lucky and found them on clearance. I went to go and get more, and they were already sold out. Grumble again!

Lastly, we rip open a Disney Tsum Tsum figural keyring. M-Tubey really loves opening these guys, because of their YouTube notoriety. However, he is three years old, and doesn’t have any use for them, let alone a set of his own keys to attach them to. Silly kiddo! The figural keyrings range in retail price by store - usually $5.99 to $7.99. I think the price is ridiculous if you ask me, which is why I try to find them at Target to use my redbird and save 5%. I haven’t been very lucky though.

Check out our video to watch us unbox these bad boys! After you watched, leave us a comment, and let us know which one was your favorite toy that we opened? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to slam that LIKE button, SHARE with your friends, and please subscribe to our channel! Thanks, pals!

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