Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DC Super FriendsFisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Mr. Freeze Gift Set Toy Review

Batman was summoned with the bat symbol help Tubey Toys defeat Mr. Freeze! He has taken what’s not rightfully theirs! Will Batman succeed in his quest, or will he have to call in the professionals for this task?! Watch and find out!

Today we play with the awesome Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Mr. Freeze Gift Set featuring Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and the Dark Knight himself, Batman! This set is so awesome! This set is interactive and there are many different modes of play. There is a also a collectible factor as well, because this set is a Toys R Us Exclusive, meaning you will only find this set at that store. Pretty cool, huh?

To keep peace in Gotham, you'll need this set to finally put Mr. Freeze behind bars, uh, I mean, ice. You can launch an icy projectile with the touch of a button to knock out the baddies. Batman comes equipped with his ice resistant bat suit and an awesome snowmobile. There is a really cool spinning fan that rotates swiftly when you insert a figure. There is also a cell with a really cool translucent blue door, so the bad guys (or good guys) can see out outside. The colors are fun, and appeasing to the eyes. The Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Mr. Freeze Gift Set is engaging and will promote exploratory play for your child; I think kids will enjoy this play set; we sure did!

Stuff to know:

Purchased from Toys R Us (this is an exclusive)

Retails for $34.99 US

Manufactured by Fisher-Price Imaginext

For ages 3 and up - perfect for imaginative play - there are so many different scenarios that your kiddos can imagine with this set! Hours of pretend fun! 

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