Minnie Mouse Stack 'n Display Set - Store your Tsum Tsums in Minnie Mouse Frilly and Fancy Free Style! BOW-TASTIC!

We have a mini Minnie toy review today of the Minnie Mouse Stack ‘n Display Set, which is a Toys R Us Exclusive, and it comes with one Minnie Mouse exclusive figure in an awesome duo-toned pink! The large Minnie Mouse tsum tsum figure is comparable in size to the regular large stackable tsum tsums. The case itself is made of a sturdy translucent hard plastic that will withstand the tests of [toddler] play time. For ages six and up, even the tiniest collector will enjoy hours of stacking and storing their precious tsum tsums. In our past toy review of the Mickey Mouse Stack ‘n Display Set (sold at Target), we were able to fit 75 tsum tsums of varying sizes. We didn’t show off its storing capabilities in this video, because the overall size is the same as the Mickey Mouse review – check out the link to the video below.

The Minnie Mouse Stack ‘n Display Set is manufactured by the amazing Jakks Pacific, the same company that produces the tsum tsum collectible figures. Since this is a Toys R Us Exclusive, you can only get this set at TRU for $24.99. It is told to hold 45 or more tsum tsums, which is absolutely true! The top shelf of the inner compartment can hold four to five medium tsums depending on the character. Some characters have larger ears, or bigger butts creating a little stuffed sardine tin can effect. The second tier of the inner compartment is best for your large tsums, and that can hold up to four large tsums – again depending on the character. If you stored Minnie and Mickey in there, you can hold only about three, because of their large ears. There is also a “basement” to store your remaining tsums – the lower interior compartment can hold a lot of small and medium tsums. You can fit up to five small tsums in each slot, adding in a medium tsum in there. There is also a cute stacking game that you can play with friends, and that sticker can be applied to the removable inner partition.

Our three year old loves the Minnie Mouse set! We love it too! The features are, of course, super adorable. The adornment of Minnie’s bow is just the right touch, and even down to the ruffle detail in her polka dot dress really adds a lot of frilly fun!

The cool thing about have an extra character is that you can store more tsums, and we even tried stack Mickey and Minnie. The test wasn’t a complete fail, they did stack up, but their rears didn’t meet flush. I wouldn’t recommend stacking these babies, especially when full. Since the plastic is so strong, it has some weight to it at empty. When you start adding 45+ tsum tsums, the carrying case gets extra heavy.

We highly recommend the Minnie Mouse Stack ‘n Display Set – not only for its collectible value and functionality, but for its look as well! This display set is so cute, and Minnie Mouse is adorable! The ONLY thing that I am totally bummed about is that the bow looks translucent in the photo on the Toys R Us website, however, it isn’t see through, it’s a solid plastic. No big deal, but like M-Tubey says, “Come awwwwn!” Yes, he’s already saying that at three years old.

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Toy Review:
Minnie Mouse Stack ‘n Display Set
Retails: $24.99
Purchased at Toys R Us – Exclusive play set

Collectible value, imaginative play, fine motor skills, and hours of stacking fun!

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