Toy Review: Summer is FINALLY here! Little Tikes Sparkle Bay Flicker Fish & Toy Bag Organizer by Organization Boutique

It’s officially the start of summer, and I can finally Ziploc shut our winter coats. I felt like the summer was never going to come. Here in New York, the weather was just weird, for lack of a better word. It would be extremely hot one day, and bitter cold the next. Spring never “sprung” for us, and I was hesitant to take out the outside water toys in fear I may jinx the rest of the nation of ever having warm air hit the east coast again.

Alas, summer is upon us, and it is hot – brutally hot, now – never an in-between. To keep our active toddler amused, playing outside is the way to go. We live in a small apartment, and our “backyard” is open to the community courtyard where our playtime is on display for all of our neighbors to see. I have to be creative with our outside toys, so I look for things that are small, can be stored easily, and can be submerged in water.

Perusing the aisles at Target, I found the Little Tikes Sparkle Bay Flicker Fish bath toys. I was so excited to see that Little Tikes produced another line of interactive, motorized toys. We have the fountain that lights up, and it is honestly the best bath toy we have. Without hesitation, I bought the only two fish available, the Damsel Fish (blue) and the Angel Fish (purple).

Maintaining bath toys is another chore that I don’t have time to do. Have you ever squeezed your kids’ bath toy out? As a first time mom, I never even thought about what lurked inside. It was gross! Mold! My kid plays with that toy. In an effort to keep our collection of bath toys the same, and not go totally broke replacing squeeze toys. Once per week, I fill a bath of water and add a half a cup of bleach, and soak all of the toys at once. I then take each squeeze toy and “suck” in the bleach bath water, and let that sit for an hour. Next, I squeeze out the water and let the toys dry over night. I give the toys a good squeeze again, and put them away.

'Where do you put them?' You may be wondering. This is the million dollar bath question that I have been asking for nearly three years. I went through countless bath toy bags claiming that they stay attached to the wet tile wall. That’s a big N-O. They don’t. I did, however, find this amazing bath toy bag from a company called, Organization Boutique. I bought it off of; it was something ridiculously over priced at nearly $20, but it works, and that it was matters. 

The bag is mesh, and allows me to put the toys in (sort of) wet, I let them air dry a bit first after a bath. You can hang the bag on your shower door handle, or if no shower door you can hang it on the shower head pipe (just make sure it's not too heavy). The bag also holds a lot of toys. I counted 18 squeeze toys (yeah, overkill is an understatement), and eight larger bath toys. There are even some stacking cups in there! For the price, it's worth it! 

This is why I love the Little Tikes bath toys; they have a tight rubber seal inside the battery compartment. The batteries never get wet! In my experience with the Little Tikes Sparkle Bay Splash Fountain, that bath toy has been through toddler tsunamis, and it’s still going strong! I also have not experienced one bit of mold.

I reviewed the Little Tikes Sparkle Bay Flicker Fish on my channel today, and they worked great! The fish light up and flicker, their tales vibrate back and forth and they swim around with ease. The flicker fish are for ages three and up, and will provide a very happy bath time experience, and at least a solid hour of outdoor fun, too!

The Little Tikes Flicker Fish come in a variety of fun colors: an orange clownfish, a blue damsel fish, a purple angel fish, and a yellow puffer fish. I am on the hunt for the remaining two fish! The fish are available at Target and at Kmart. If you’re looking for other Little Tikes products, they’re offering a 10% off coupon code, use the coupon code: AMERICA. Too bad the flicker fish were not included in this promo! The Little Tikes Sparkle Bay Flicker Fish retail for $9.99, and if you purchase at Target and use your RedCard, get an additional 5% off! Not bad for a toy that will stand the tests of toddler bath time!

I don’t get paid for these reviews! I just love toys, and want to make sure my kid has the best toy experience and childhood he could ever have! Please feel free to share and comment your thoughts below!


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