Toy Review: Double Deck Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle

We are in a new generation of bicycles for kids - ones without pedals and no drive train, where the kids can learn to balance and steer before they even put the training wheels on. I am an old school mom, though. I may be setting my son back a bit by not buying him a balance bike, but I also went him to enjoy the feeling of riding a tricycle like I did when I was that small.  

When it was time to buy our boy's first trike, I went directly to the company who has been doing it for nearly 100 years, Radio Flyer! I purchased the Radio Flyer 12 inch Classic Tricycle from Toys R Us for $69.99, plus I had $15 rewards cash from Toys R Us Rewards to apply to my order. The savings were great!

The tricycle features a double deck step - where many kids use the steps to push the trike with their legs and glide around with ease. It also has the iconic chrome bell, and red and white streamers on the handle bars, which gives it a fun and classic look. There is not one bit of plastic used to assemble this trike (save for the screw covers on the wheels). The paint is a shiny Radio Flyer red finish. The only drawback is the metal adjustable seat, I feel like it could have had some kind of rubber cover, but our boy doesn't seem to mind. 

The biggest pluses of the Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle are its wheels; they're rubber tires - no plastic tires!! The sturdy handling features a controlled turning radius for added stability. The recommended ages for this tricycle are ages two to five. Our boy was 2.5 years old when we introduced it to him, he was excited, but didn't really care for it. Now, at nearly three years old, he travels around the house with it, and takes long rides every evening (under adult supervision, of course!). 

I would highly recommend this training tricycle for your little one, especially, if you're into classic style, clean lines, charming design, and functionality for your little one to travel around the town. The Radio Flyer 12 inch Classic Tricycle has earned several awards, among them are the Parents Choice Classic Award, Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award, 
and The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, just to name a few. 

Do your kids have this tricycle? Parents, what was your first 

mode of transport? I owned this exact trike when I was a 



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