Monday, June 13, 2016

Toy Review: Finding Dory Swigglefish by Bandai

Lately, I have been incorporating a lot of Finding Dory toys in my videos. I was able to get my hands on the Finding Swigglefish made by BANDAI - check out my video here. They are really cute, and would be a great addition to your kid's toy box. BANDAI is a reliable toy company. This toy is for children ages 4+.

These are not water toys. They're movable figures with moving parts. Each character has its own unique details. Destiny has a moving mouth and tail. Marlin's fins move, and his tail moves as well. 

 The Swigglefish can be played with seprately or you can purchase the playset, which is the Hank Trunk Playset - it is a truck with a fun ramp attached. The box truck opens, so the ramp can attach, and you can slide your swigglefish down with ease. This set is really a toy that could be avoided, especially if you have boys. I can gaurantee that most of you moms of boys have some kind of toy with a ramp, but it is well made and will stand the tests of rough toy players. I would also watch out for these moving parts that fall off, especially around siblings younger than four years old. Curious kids like to put things in their mouths. Just saying'!

My own complaint about the Swigglefish are the price tag - retail $6.99 - is a little pricey for my standards. A good starting price should have been $4.99 for a toy like this. The mechanics of the toy itself are unreliable - Destiny's tail always falls off, and Marlin has been fin-less many times. I find myself re-0attaching their parts a couple of times per day.  

Let me know what you think of your Swigglefish! 


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