Monday, June 13, 2016

Toy Review: Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Coffee Pot Playset

The Finding Dory Coffee Pot Play Set made by Zuru Inc is something that I think all fans of the film should have in their collection, ages four and up! The retail price varies from $15.99 to $19.99 depending on where you shop (Toys R Us currently has a sale for $15.99 right now!). At $19.99, it's really not a good price point, but as a birthday gift for a child, it is a great deal. This set can be played with inside and outside of the home. We took this set outside to play with on a beautiful, sunny day, and we had a ball! We also tested this toy on our YouTube channel, you can check out the video here

We added in some Finding Dory blind bag figures, Crush and the Hermit Crab. The toy included with the playset is a water activated Finding Dory, Dory figure. You can also purchase two additional water activated figures to go along with this set, Nemo and Marlin. There is another figure advertised on the back, Bailey the beluga whale, but Bailey is too big for the coffee pot. You can put Bailey in the bath or in a play pool. 

This coffee pot is fashioned after an older model coffee pot. Just fill it up with water, and drop the fishies and they'll "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming." 
The Finding Dory Coffee Pot play set promotes imaginative play and will expand on their fine motor skills. Each Finding Dory figures includes an extra set of button cell batteries! Each figure already comes with batteries installed, and they included an extra set of batteries for you! That's at least $12 savings for each figure. This toy is definitely on the Tubey Toy list for A+ recommended for fun, educational value, and a great addition to your Finding Dory and Finding Nemo collections!

If you have this set, what do you think of this toy? 


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