Monday, June 13, 2016

Fear of my own YouTube channel...

When I made my first video, and I so afraid to publish it on youtube. Editing is something I am familiar with already, but my voice is not even recognizable to myself. I sound like my third grade self standing on stage at my Elementary school, where I had literally one line for the school play. I remember staring at the clock at the back of the auditorium, and reciting my one line. After it was over, the actors for the next scene were already on the stage, and I was still there on stage just staring at that clock. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to fear. 


I posted it. Terrified. The video quality was horrific, as well as the sound. It was disappointing, and I felt like I even failed YouTube. I am now on my 32nd video! 32 videos! More than a day of my life has been dedicated to just editing these videos, and the view counts are low. The response is positive, but I feel like other YouTubers are being extra nice. There are just so many awesome channels out there - FunToyzCollector, Fizzy Toy Show, HobbyKidsTV - the competition is fierce!

I hope to rise, and be on the same level with these channels. 

In the end, my fears were me. My insecurities. But, I absolutely LOVE toys! I have been collecting since I was a very young girl, Barbies mostly. Then I branched out into comic books, The Simpsons figures, Pokemon, trading cards, etc. I want to share what I love with everyone! 

How was your first YouTube video? Was it as bad mine-check it out here


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